Politburos of PUK and KDP met up to address new Iraq's government formation and Kurdish entitlement

  2021-12-19 16:47      432 View Count        Comment

The politburos of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) met up on Sunday, in Slemani.

The meeting touched upon several important topics related to Iraq's post-election situation, as well as the entitlements of the Kurds and the unification of the Kurdish ranks on all important national issues in Baghdad.

The two sides talked over preparaing a joint Kurdish program on the basis of true partnership, consensus and constitutional balance.

Both parties agreed to support the Kurdistan Regional Government to resolve issues, including salaries and financial entitlements of Kurdistan’s people as well as students’ stipends.

The security and military risks and the return Islamic State in Kirkuk and the disputed areas were also addressed. The attendees saw the need for coordination and joint action to confront these dangers on the land and the people of Kurdistan in those areas.

Another part of the meeting was to reiterate the need for providing a good environment for tranquility and unity between the two parties and other political parties in order to develop bilateral relations for the sake of the people of Kurdistan, and in this regard, they decided to establish an appropriate mechanism. 


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