PUK and KDP form a joint committee to negotiate over new Iraqi government formation

  2021-12-22 11:51      262 View Count        Comment

A joint committee between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) will be formed to visit Baghdad in order to negotiate with the Iraq’s political parties about forming the new government.

The member of the PUK political bureau, Saadi Ahmed Pire, said “Both PUK and KDP will prepare a common paper which includes the two sides’ joint attitude regarding the new Iraq’s new government, and will head to Baghdad in a near future.”

He pointed out that “The visit of the Turkish and Iranian ambassadors and other countries’ representatives to Kurdistan Region are within the framework of the new Iraqi cabinet formation, and during this period the visit of foreigners and holding meetings will increase more.”

On the other hand, Imad Ahmad, member of PUK politburo, stated earlier that “PUK has specified its member for the joint committee, and we are waiting for the KDP.”



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