PUK, Coordination Framework discuss new Iraqi government formation

  2021-12-22 19:42      216 View Count        Comment

On Wednesday, Dec 22, Qubad Talabani and Emad Ahmed, members of the PUK Political Bureau, accompanied by a high level delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, received a delegation from Shiite Coordination Framework headed by Nouri al-Maliki.

During the meeting, they discussed the latest political developments in Iraq, the post-election phase, and the efforts toward forming the next Iraqi government.

In this regard, the visiting delegation clarified Shiite Coordination Framework's agenda, which is ensuring political balance in order to ensure the stability of the political system.

The two sides reiterated the need to continue efforts to bring the political parties closer for the sake of the public interest and for the sake of forming a government that fulfills the people's demands.

In another aspect of the meeting, the delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan informed the visiting delegation that they continue to follow President Mam Jalal's path and that they are with solving the problems through dialogue and unifying the Iraqi people.

At the end, the PUK delegation indicated that a delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will visit Baghdad to hold dialogues with the political parties to discuss the formation of a new Iraqi government, as well as the dangers of the terrorist organization ISIS and eliminating corruption and carrying out real reforms.



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