PUK welcomes Iraqi federal court's decision for approving final results of the election

  2021-12-27 21:02      180 View Count        Comment

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) welcomes the decision of the Iraq's federal court regarding the October 10 election.

The spokesperson of PUK, Amin Baba Sheikh, said: "as PUK, we welcome the decision of Iraq's federal court for approving the final results of the Iraq's early election which was held in October 10 throughout Iraq."

He added, "despite our comments, we congratulate the triumph of the election and the results gained by the winning parties,"

Baba Sheikh asserted further, "it is time for all the parties in our country to take political step so as to hold first session of the parliament with new components, and the political parties shall start the legislative steps for forming a new government."

He highlighted, "as Kurdish parties it is our responsibility to strengthen our rows with single Kurdistani stance in order to obtain national rights and defend our people's constitutional rights in Baghdad."



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