By the PUK efforts several lands invaded in the Arabization process returned to Kurdish villagers

  2022-01-09 12:28      419 View Count        Comment

By the efforts of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) some of the lands of the Kurdish people of Daquq district, which have been conquered by the Arabs, have been returned to their owners.

Shkar Mardan Rahim, advocate in the legislative center of the PUK politburo, revealed that within a legislative framework about four thousands hectares of land of Kurdish villagers of Daquq, which have been invaded in the Arabization process, will be brought back to their Kurdish owners.

He said, “As PUK, they will work on those cases in Baghdad in order to resume the rights of Kurdish villagers in the Kirkuk governorate.”

Daquq is a district in Kirkuk governorate, part of the disputed areas now, with thousands of Kurdish population. During the periods of the former Ba’ath regime, many lands of the Kurdish villagers were taken over by the Arabs during a process known as Arabization. Following the collapse of the dictatorship regime, the Kurdish officials and advocates are working to return the lands to their authentic owners.



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