PUK politburo's message on the occasion of Kakayis religious eid

  2022-01-17 22:28      322 View Count        Comment

The political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) conveyed a message, congratulating the Kakayis on their religious occassion of 'Qultas'.

"Dear Kakayis brothers and sisters, on the occasion of Three Nights Day (Qultas) of Kakayis, we offer our warm congratulations to you and Yarsanis," the message read.

It added, "Your role in the righteous struggle of our nation and other fields of the Kurdish community were always at the front, in serving and sacrificing." reiterating "We as PUK, on this occassion and always support your demands and rights in practising religious anthem and affairs which are part of Kurdish pluralism."



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