PUK backs dividing Kurdistan Region into four electoral circles, Head of PUK bloc says

  2022-02-09 12:26      160 View Count        Comment

Zyad Jabar, Head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) bloc in the Kurdistan parliament states that as PUK they support dividing the Kurdistan Region’s upcoming election into four circles.

The Heads of the different factions in the Kurdistan Regional parliament will meet up to discuss the questions of redrafting the constitutional laws, and the Law of Commission and Election.

Zyad Jabar stated that, “Those three questions have national significance. PUK believes it is important to have consensus about them.”

He added, “The Law of Election must be amended, and as PUK they back dividing the Kurdistan Region into four circles for the next parliamentary election.”

Regarding the issue of constitutional amendment, Jabar asserted “The committee of redrafting the constitution shall be reactivated, and those articles that were drafted formerly in the Kurdistan Region’s constitution should become the ground for rewriting a constitution for the Kurdistan Region.”





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