Qubad Talabani, Mayor of Slemani, addressing ways to better serve citizens

  2022-02-27 14:02      195 View Count        Comment

The Kurdistan Region's deputy PM, Qubad Talabani, paid a visit to the Slemani Municipality, on Sunday.

In his visit to the Slemani municipality, Qubad Talabani confirmed his support for Mrs. Laila Omar, the mayor of Slemani, and met with department officials in the Slemani municipality, stressing the need to provide the best services to citizens in Slemani Governorate.

"We are expecting a lot from Mrs. Laila Omar to serve the citizens in the city of Slemani, and I am sure that she will succeed in performing her duties," Talabani asserted.

About the violations that often take place on public property, he said, "Efforts are being made to end the phenomenon of public property violations, and one of the government’s duty is to identify the causes and address the phenomenon."


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