At the request of Bafel Jalal Talabani children of Peshmarga martyrs will be granted the same privileges as children of Iraqi forces' martyrs

  2022-03-02 11:26      432 View Count        Comment

The children of martyrs of the Peshmerga and Anfal will be granted with the same privileges given to the children of martyrs of Iraq.

A Kurdish-Iraqi lawmaker from the PUK bloc, Rebwar Taha, stated during a press conference that at the request of Bafel Jalal Talabani, the Iraq’s Ministry of Higher Education and the Martyrs Foundation decided to give the same benefits to the children of the victim of the Anfal and Peshmarga forces likewise the children of the martyrs of the Iraqi forces.

The benefits include giving seven grades to 12th-grade graduates in disputed areas, studying in all Iraqi universities for free regardless of age and grades, granting them with 5% of seats in PhDs and Masters studies, and entitling 5% of government appointments to the martyrs' children.


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