PUK works to amend the law of election, MP says

  2022-03-07 11:07      98 View Count        Comment

Head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)’s bloc in the Kurdistan Regional parliament, Zyad Jabar, stated that PUK works to amend the law of election through a national consensus.

Regarding the necessity and significance of changing and amending the election law of the Kurdistan Region, Jabar said during an interview in the GK television, “The Kurdistan Region’s law of election does not fit the current regional situation, and the voters registration is the source of the issue due to its not transparency.”

He added, “Persistence of the electoral commission as such is illegal,”

Zyad Jabar also stated that most of the political parties support amendment of the election law, adding further “Having one circle for the election does not suit the democracy as well.”





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