What is the PUK Forum?

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The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) was a project initiated originally by a group of our nation's political intellectuals in response to Kurdistan's reality which was overshadowed by a huge despair after 1975. At that time, our enlightened politicians addressed the Kurdish society's challenges and problems with a novel and modern vision, in a way leading to starting the revolution and eventually the uprising through which our nation achieved freedom and liberation from the Ba'athist dictatorial authority.

Since the onset of the revolution almost half a century ago and the uprising more than three decades ago, the Kurdish society has witnessed significant social, political, and economic changes. Accordingly, a new sociopolitical era has started which requires new analysis, queries, and responses. As each, and given that different political phases result in new issues and diverse demands, the PUK is required to develop responses to the new duties, circumstances, and issues.

In this sense, based on the perspective of our in-depth realization of the novel historical and perpetual duty of the PUK, we concluded that it was necessary for the purpose of reformulating PUK visions, policies, and new responses on new issues and challenges as well as the enquiries which our members face every day, to embark on a comprehensive forum to discuss the current issues and ways to further develop the Kurdish society. The eventual outcome of such a forum is expected to be developing key outlines for PUK's perspective, policies and projects for both Kurdistan and Iraq's societies' political, economic, social, and cultural development.

The forum is a collegial and patriotic appeal to discuss and review PUK's current reality, to review its political and social discourses and enhancing its perception in order to be able, by adopting new perspectives, to improve fulfilling the duty of serving the people of Kurdistan and their homeland.

In this context, the PUK Forum seeks to discuss our party's current and future crucial topics alongside our society's needs, problems, and changes as well as the political experience of our nation as the developments and changes of modern society and contemporary era across the world including Kurdistan require this new strive and effort. In addition to that, it is always important for the PUK to be the forefront leader and initiator of such changes.

For this purpose, multiple competent committees on essential key topics and issues have been formed. Furthermore, PUK comrades' opinions will be received, collected, and considered through visits, gatherings and meetings for drafting reports and developing plans for the PUK's main forum, so that comrades participating in this forum will have a serious and effective engagement with a sense of responsibility and the aim of identifying problems and gaps along with proposing solutions and contributing in reshaping the position of the PUK and our nation at present and in the future.


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