Barham Salih is the strongest candidate for Iraq's Presidency, Coordination Framework says

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Al-Thabat Al-Watani (the National Fortitude) alliance finds Barham Salih the strongest candidate for Iraq's Presidency post, a member of Iraq's Coordination Framework emphasized on Saturday.

"The National Fortitude, which includes the Coordination Framework and other political forces, insists that the post of President of the Republic is theirs and is for Dr. Barham Salih," Dr. Aied al-Hilali, a member of the Coordination Framework, told PUKmedia.

Hilali also pointed out, that "all indications and evidence say that there will be no parliament session today because the Saving the Homeland Alliance and the Coordination Framework are unable to complete the quorum necessary to hold the presidential election session, which needs the presence of two-thirds of the members of the parliament."

"On this grounds, neither Saving the Homeland is capable of gathering 220 MPs and taking them to the parliament session, nor the Coordination Framework or what is called today the National Fortitude, which says that it owns the vote of a guarantor third of the MPs," he said.

"In this case, if the National Fortitude has 133 MPs, this means that the others will not be able to complete the quorum, even if a number of independent MPs join them," he added, expressing his belief that there will be no session on Saturday and will be held in the near future.

The National Fortitude Alliance includes the Coordination Framework parties and their allies, while the Saving the Homeland Alliance includes the Sadrist Movement and their allies.

Following come failed attempts to elect a president of Iraq, mainly due to lack of quorum and legal jostling over various candidates’ constitutional legitimacy, the Iraqi parliament is scheduled to hold a session on Saturday to elect the president.



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