President Salih: It is regrettable to see that the Constitutional deadline has been passed without choosing a new governmen

  2022-03-27 12:28      224 View Count        Comment

It is regrettable to see that, there is a lack of national understanding among Iraqi political parties, and there is a failure to convene the session of the Iraqi Parliament on time to choose a new government.

There is also concern at the fact that five months have been passed since conducting the early elections. The continuation of the political stalemate in the midst of the challenges faced by our country is unsustainable.

Conducting an early election is not an end itself, but rather is the first step towards having reforms, ensuring social and political stability, improving overall conditions in the country as well as responding to the Iraqi people's demands.

The new Iraqi Parliament is entrusted with an extraordinary responsibility as it came after the Iraqis - from all walks of life took to the streets, giving voice to overhaul the political system and to address the deep-seated political challenges faced by the country.

Therefore, Iraqi political forces have a national and crucial task. The difficult circumstances faced by our country and this critical juncture impose historical responsibility and exceptional work on everyone to find a way out of the current political crisis.

Meanwhile, a strong, sovereign, capable state, that is able to protect the country's interests and meet the Iraqi people's demands, should be built.

We call upon all Iraqi political parties to seriously engage in meaningful dialogue to break the current political deadlock, and to put Iraq's high interests first.

Regional circumstances, international changes, and internal challenges that lie ahead should be taken into account. These included the grave economic conditions that require us to bring all positions together and reinforce our forces to steer the country from the political crisis.

In this way, we can ensure that a new government reflecting the will of the Iraqis and meeting their demands to live a life of freedom and dignity will be formed.


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