PUK, Netherland's Labor Party sign a bilateral agreement

  2022-04-25 12:43      91 View Count        Comment

On Sunday, April 24, a high-ranking delegation from the Netherland’s Labor Party visited the PUK politburo, and was received by a high-ranking delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) headed by Amin Baba Sheikh, member of PUK politburo and head of the PUK’s foreign relations office.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed improving bilateral relations between the two parties in which both are members of the Social International organization. They emphasized that these relations shall become a good foundation for developing the interests and tie between Kurdistan Region and Netherland, particularly in the fields of economy, agriculture, construction, and education.

The PUK delegation appreciated the Netherland’s role in the fight against ISIS militants within the framework of the International Coalition for their military cooperation and coordination with the Peshmarga forces.

For their part, the Netherland’s delegation thanked the PUK for their role and stance in the region, and expressed readiness for future support and cooperation. The two sides then signed an agreement which consists of several important points.



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