Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed: New PUK must be more powerful to support the people of Kurdistan and their demands

  2022-04-28 15:34      535 View Count        Comment

The activities of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Forum kicked off on Thursday in the city of Slemani.

The forum began with a speech by Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, the supervisor of PUK's Slemani Organization Centre, in which she confirmed, "The launch of the forum in Slemani, the city of life, is a modern model for work and comradely dialogue to find a new formula and a roadmap for the struggle of PUK."

She explained that the PUK forum is for a better future for PUK in all fields and embodiment of the visions of PUK with the reality and life conditions.

"All institutions, clerics, academics, experts, and supporters of PUK are participating in the forum to formulate the future of the party. The new PUK must be more powerful in order to be able to support the people of Kurdistan and their demands by following the path of late President Mam Jalal because previous experiences have proven that big goals require a party like PUK to achieve the goals through reforms and consultations in a forum is a desire for its success," she explained.

She stressed that solutions are not achieved through slogans only, instead, the forum should be a renewal and revitalization of the institutions of PUK, intellectually and politically, developing its cadres in all fields, and finding solutions to all problems.

She pointed out that Slemani faces the siege in one way or another, and it must be crushed, not with slogans, but with work and the implementation of creative solutions during PUK's Forum of Slemani.



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