Head of PUK Foreign Relations, Venezuelan ambassador to Iraq discuss bilateral tie

  2022-05-02 21:22      235 View Count        Comment

On Monday, May 2, the head of the PUK Foreign Relations Office and member of PUK politburo, Amin Baba Sheikh, alongside the head of the Foreign Relations Board, Sarkawt Muhammed, received the ambassador of Venezuela to Iraq, Arturo Anibal Gallegos Ramirez, in Slemani.

During the meeting, relations between Iraq and Venezuela on one side, and relations between Venezuela and Kurdistan Region on the other side were discussed.

The two sides reiterated to improve bilateral tie especially in the fields of diplomacy, trading, agriculture and construction. Baba Sheikh expressed PUK's support for any help in this regard, and for his part Arturo Anibal showed his country's readiness to invest in the Kurdistan Region in a way to serve the high interests of both countries.



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