PUK politburo condemns Turkish jets's bombardement, calling on Iraqi government to protect its territory

  2022-05-21 20:09      431 View Count        Comment

The Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in a statement condemns bombardment by the Turkish jets which resulted in the death of 4 civilians and the wounding of 8 others.

"We are deeply concerned about the security developments and border violations and condemn the bombing of Agjalar sub-district of Chamchamal district and the refugee camp of Makhmur, which resulted in the martyrdom of four civilians and the injury of eight. We offer condolences to their families and call for the immediate end of these attacks and also call on the Iraqi government to fulfill its constitutional and national duty to protect Iraqi territory and airspace, including Kurdistan, and to inform the Turkish government of this violation through diplomatic channels." The PUK politburo's statement said.

It added, "The Kurdistan Regional Government should summon the Turkish consul in the Kurdistan Region to give an explanation. As there is no excuse for civilians to suffer losses of their lives and property due to these border violations. The blood of our citizens is sacred and we demand that our sacred matters be protected and use dialogue and understanding as the key to resolving the problems."


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