PUK, Coordination Framework, Azm Alliance met up to discuss new government formation

  2022-06-14 13:32      256 View Count        Comment

On Tuesday, June 14, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) headed by Bafel Jalal Talabani, Coordination  Framework and Azm Alliance headed by Musanna Samarai, and Babylon Movement headed by Rayan al-Kildani met up in Baghdad.

During the meeting, the latest political developments, speeding up to complete the constitutional quotas by participating all the national forces were discussed.

The attendees reiterated that the next phase is important and that the election of new Iraqi President alongside the formation of new Iraqi government shall be accelerated. They affirmed that the new government should be at the expectation of the Iraqi people, and provide stability and security for all.

The coordination Framework asked all the effective parties within the political square to participate in the negotiations for new cabinet formation, and expressed readiness to start dialogue with all the parties with the perspective that the next government must be a strong and capable government, provide service, protect the country’s sovereignty and contribute in preserving the Iraq’s position and role in the region.



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