The PUK's participation in the annual socialist international meeting

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The annual socialist international meeting was held with the participation of the PUK delegation in Switzerland on the 7th and 8th of this month.

Along the participation of delegations and representatives of dozens of countries and the International Socialist Party, the annual meeting of the Socialist International Organization was held at the UNITED NATIONS headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, in which the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan( PUK) participated as an active member of the organization with a high delegation led by Amin Baba Sheikh, a member of the political bureau and head of the foreign relations bureau.

During this year's socialist international meeting, several important and current issues related to the current challenges facing the world were discussed, including political conflicts, the world's economic situation and the dangers, which are currently facing the environment of our planet. In this regard, emphasis has been made on the continuation of the efforts that have been made to achieve the main principles of socialist international to solve the problems and challenges.

In the context of the meetings, the PUK delegation participated actively in the panel and discussions and met with representatives of the delegation of parties and governments around the world, particularly with the delegation of Kurdish parties, Arab countries and the region.

The PUK delegation as an important national duty presented a special memorandum to the socialist international meeting in which it was emphasized that socialist international should acknowledge the rights of the Kurdish people and look at the positive role of the Kurdistan Region in the region with greatness and appreciation, especially the efforts and challenges of the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces in confronting ISIS and global terrorism. At the same time, the Kurdistan Region's efforts to deal with political events and conflicts in Iraq and the region have been highlighted, highlighting the need for the main principles of international socialists such as human rights, justice, peace and freedom. In order to ensure a brighter and more stable future for the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the Middle East, the PUK's memorandum to Socialist International was voted on at the meeting and approved by a total vote of the participants.

For their part, George Papandreou, president of socialist organization International, and Luis Ayala, the organization's general security, talked about the role and position of President Mam Jalal and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, praising the efforts PUK put in to develop socialist international principles across the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the world.


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