Czech announces direct flights with Kurdistan Region

  2022-08-16 16:00      229 View Count        Comment

Czech Republic diplomats in the Kurdistan Region on Monday announced direct flights between Erbil and The Republic’s capital Prague.   

Speaking at a press conference, the Czech consul general said that there will be at least one direct flight between Erbil and Prague weekly, announcing the first direct flight between the Region and the country.

“The Czech Republic will facilitate the process of granting its visas to the Kurdistan Region citizens,” The country’s consul general said amid the press conference.

“The flights will be launched once in a week, every Monday,” He said.

Opening direct flights with Prague, a city that lies in the heartland of Europe will bring various benefits in terms of enhancing both sides economy and tourism sector.

It will directly tie the Kurdistan Region with the historic city of Prague, marking a new stage for the relations between Czech and the Region.



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