Amin Baba Sheikh, Head of political department at British Consulate General in Erbil, discuss Iraq's political impasse

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On Wednesday, August 17, Amin Baba Sheikh, member of the PUK political bureau and Head of the relations bureau, welcomed James Charlton, Head of the political department of the British Consulate in the Kurdistan Region, in Slemani.

The meeting addressed some important issues, including the current political situation in Iraq, the impasse of political parties' discussions and the issue of forming a new government. Amin Baba Sheikh said the PUK welcomes any appropriate initiative to get out of this situation and emphasizes that Kurds should go to Baghdad with one voice and not destroy the homes of other components and the constitution.

At the same time, the latest political developments in the Kurdistan Region and the elections were highlighted, and both sides agreed on conducting a clean and pure election in a timely manner with the cleanliness of the voter list, protecting the rights of minorities and not using them in the political interests of any party.

Moreover, the need to strengthen relations between The United Kingdom, Iraq and the Kurdistan Region was later emphasized in continuing relations in all fields, particularly in the face of the threat of ISIS strengthening as a common enemy of both sides. At the end, Bab Sheikh thanked Britain for its support and assistance to the Kurdistan Region.



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