Kurdistan bids farewell to top Kurdish Commander

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The body of Kurdistan’s elite forces Commander, Akam Omar, has been flown back to Kurdistan Region from Germany on Saturday.

Commander of the Kurdistan Commando Fores, Akam Omar, died on Monday, aged 36, in Germany where he had been under medical care.

The commander died from wounds sustained in an IED blast amid an anti-ISIS operation in late October in Sulaimani’s Garmian Zenana area.

Kurdish leaders and military elite paid their respects to the late Commander.,

“Commander Akam Omar was a brave, loyal, and religious guy. We should be proud that he pridefully returned to god,” said President of the PUK Bafel Talabani at the funeral Ceremony of the Commander.

“As god is my witness Kak Akam we will meet each other again at a better place,” and “We were pledged Kak Akam that as Peshmerga, the Commando Forces, and the Counter-Terrorism Group to defend Kurdistan with our blood & spirit,” he added.

Erbil-Born Commander Akam used to be the chief of the Commando Forces since its early formation in coordination with the U.S.-led coalition forces in 2015 in the midst of the ISIS war across Iraq.

On Saturday, Kurdistan bade farewell to Commander Akam Omar with a mass funeral ceremony drew top officials, military commanders, and heads of foreign military missions and crowds in the streets of Sulaimani at Command forces 70 headquarters to honor the late Commander.

The body of the Commander in a flag-draped coffin was repatriated to the Kurdistan Region via Sulaimani international airport where hundreds including dozens of local senior as well as military officials gathered to mourn.

Later the coffin was followed into the Command Forces 70 headquarters in Sulaimani by the colleagues of the top Kurdish Commander to bid farewell.

Moreover, the late Commander is due to be laid to rest in his birthplace Erbil.

"Akam was a warrior. He fought for Kurdistan. He wanted nothing for himself. All he wished [for] was a free Kurdistan and a united people. I promise you we will can what we can to make Akam’s dream a reality,” Talabani continued.



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