PUK Politburo sends a congratulatory message on New Year

  2022-12-31 14:32      306 View Count        Comment

Greetings for the New Year of 2023 were sent out by the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to the people of the Kurdistan Region.

The PUK Political Bureau's congratulatory message read:

"We cordially congratulate the Kurdish people and all Iraqis on the arrival of the New Year 2023.

We hope that as the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the region face new developments and problems in the coming year, we can all come to an understanding that will advance service delivery and get past any challenges or issues standing in the way of giving the nation a peaceful, stable life.

As in previous years, we will continue to serve the Kurdish people impartially in the new year. To enhance citizens' quality of life, we will advocate for this policy. In order to further protect the rights and interests of our people, we will work to keep the political parties in Baghdad and Kurdistan united.

The PUK has intended to make this year a year of fostering comradeship among members of the party in order to infuse our work with passion, which will serve as the cornerstone for the PUK's continued growth among all facets of our people. In order to green the entire nation with trees of hope and create a climate of fair governance without prejudice,  we will reconcile with  Sulaymaniyah and the rest of Kurdistan.
Happy New Year again."


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