PUK has not decided to participate in the unilateral parliamentary session to reactivate Kurdistan Regional Presidency

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Kurdistan Regional Parliament is about to hold a meeting today on Tuesday, 2/4/2019, in order to discuss the second round of the proposal of Kurdistan Regional Presidency reactivation.

The Kurdistan Regional Parliament has called the parliamentary blocs for a regular meeting so as to reactivate the Kurdistan Regional Presidency position, however Luqman Hamad, PUK lawmaker in Kurdistan parliament says “there is no decision for our bloc to participate in today’s session so far,”

He also went to add “the proposal of reactivating the Kurdistan Regional Presidency position has a national perspective, thus there should be co-attitude among the blocs rather than proceeding it within a proposal of one or two blocs.”

“The proposal of Kurdistan Regional Presidency position needs a comprehensive agreement between the parties, and if one or two factions think that the issue can be passed easily, they are mistaken. All the sides shall have their opinion implemented in the proposal” Sarko Azad, PUK MP said.

The Kurdistan Regional Presidency position’s reactivation is the proposal of Kurdistan Democratic Party and Change Movement, and the factions of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Kurdistan Islamic Union, and Kurdistan Islamic Group and New Generation are not with it. For its first round PUK did not participate and other factions left the meeting.

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih






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