The 22nd Festival of Galawezh began in Sulaimani

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A view of Galawezh Festival on Thursday 18/4/2019.

Today on April 18, 2019 the 22nd Festival of Galawezh started its tasks, with the attendance of various foreign and internal authors and academics, in Sulaimani.

This year’s festival was held under the slogan of “Free Criticism, Promises Freedom” at Tawar Hall in Sulaimani, and the festival will last for three days.

According to the information PUKNOW has obtained, 18 poems and short stories with 11 researches on literature and history have been elected to presents their works.

Dr. Nawzad Ahmed, Chief of Galawezh intellectual office, delivered the ceremony’s initiating speech, and Qubad Talabani, Deputy PM of Kurdistan Region and Mala Bakhtiar, Head of Galawezh Festival, are also there to deliver a speech.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih





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