PUK and KDP met up to address Kirkuk issue and new KRG formation

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Today on July 1, a delegation from PUK and KDP political bureau met up at PUK headquarter in Sulaimani.

The meeting was to discuss the attempts of new Kurdistan Regional government formation and designating a governor for Kirkuk province.

Following the meeting, the PUK and KDP spokesmen held a press conference, revealing the purpose and conclusion of the meeting. "We have to speed up in forming the Kurdistan Regional cabinet, and we expressed our passion for a real participation in the next government, reiterated that the new cabinet shall be formed in a short period" Latif Sheikh Omer, PUK spokesman stated.

He also said that "the preparations regarding the Kirkuk issue has started, and the entire Kurdish people should be awared about resolving the issues"

On the other hand, Dlshad Shahab, KDP spokesman, asserted " we both worked as one team" went further to add " good steps have been stepped concerning the normalization of Kirkuk and disputed areas now, and we are in talk with UN and our opinions are very close with PUK for that purpose,"

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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