PUK statement: Kurdish nation in Rojava has given great sacrifices alongside coaltion forces

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A view of the meeting.

On Tuesday afternoon Oct 8, 2019 PUK political bureau held a meeting under the auspices of first and second deputies of PUK, Kosrat Rasol and Barham Salih at PUK HQ in Slemani.

The meeting was to address the latest political changes of Kurdistan region, Iraq and the region.

Regarding the Iraq's situation and demonstrations, PUK political bureau reiterated on peaceful protests in favor of radical reform, confronting corruption, improving the livelihood of citizens and providing services. Highlighting that "violence is an unacceptable act by any party; destabilizing security and stability in Iraq, diverting the demonstrations from their tracks and wasting the real purpose of the demonstrators."

Concerning the relation between Kurdistan Region and Baghdad,  the political bureau emphasized on unwavering attitude of PUK, as to resolve outstanding problems through serious and responsible dialogue and in regard to the constitution.

Moreover, another aspect of the meeting was to address the accelerating events in western Kurdistan and northern Syria.
The statement wrote " Kurdish nation in Rojava has given great sacrifices alongside other forces of SDF and with the support of the coalition forces in the war against ISIS, destroying major threats and risks on the stability and security of the region and world.
The developments and changes of the last two days are of great sadness. And continuation of the tensions will result in a major human catastrophe and will provide ground for re-emergence of terrorist organization's threats, mainly ISIS."

The PUK political bureau stated that "PUK, as a responsible force for proceeding the national and democratic issues, and as one responsible for the fate of Kurdish nation, will observe the situation, changes and latest developments in detail. And will continue its attempts so as to preserve the national interests of Kurdish people, peacefulness, stability and passing the threats."


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