A source reveals new details of the bombing of "Kiwan" base: the American and Israeli response is close

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An informed source revealed on Sunday, new details about the bombing of "Kiwan" base, in Kirkuk governorate.

A security source close to the Iraqi Joint Operations Command said, "The missile strike was accurate this time, and comes 20 days after targeting an anti-terrorist agency camp at Baghdad airport in which Australian, Spanish, French and American forces were present and resulted in injuries among the soldiers," according to the Middle East Newspaper.

He added, "There are those who believe that the targeting was carried out by ISIS members, and this is unlikely because it does not possess this type of capabilities and accurate missiles, and there are those who are likely to carry out the bombing of an Iraqi armed faction."

He added, "Some people familiar with the military issue believe that a faction affiliated with Iran carried out the attack, given the military capabilities provided by the Iranian side, and indications indicate that Katyusha rockets equipped with GPS technology targeted the camp."

"The United States or Israel will soon respond to some of the armed factions loyal to Iran accused of being behind the missile strikes against the camps and bases in which the American and other international coalition forces are located," the source said.

On Friday, the military base in Kirkuk was targeted by a missile attack, killing a Pentagon contractor and wounding several US service personnel and Iraqi personnel at the site, US defense officials said.

Source: Shafaq News


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