Kurdistan Regional Presidency: Iraq must not become a battleground

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Kurdistan Regional Presidency issued a statement on Jan 3, 2020 about the latest incidents happened Iraq, in which the US embassy attacked and the top Iranian commander Qasim Suleimani was killed.

The Kurdistan Regional Presidency asks the world countries to not make Iraq a battleground, and solve their issues via dialogue.

Below is the contex of the statement:

The recent events in Kirkuk and Qaeim and at the US Embassy in Baghdad indicate there is a further exacerbation of the situation in Iraq, which has created a cycle of action and counteraction. Therefore, we reject all steps by other countries to settle scores on Iraqi soil and violate Iraqi sovereignty. As a result of these events, General Qasim Solaimani, the commander of the Quds Force, and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, Deputy Leader of the Popular Mobilization Force, and their comrades lost their lives while both of them played a prominent role in the fight against ISIS terrorists in the past few years.

Iraq must not become a battleground for other countries to settle their disputes. We urge them to solve their problems through dialogue and to respect Iraq and its sovereignty. The continuation of these complications, actions and reactions, will push Iraq and the region towards an abyss and an uncertain future; it will also lead to the resurgence and strengthening of extremist and terrorist groups, such as ISIS.

In these complex, sensitive and dangerous circumstances, we urge all concerned parties to exercise maximum self-restraint and prevent any further dangerous escalation.


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