Lahur Sheikh Jangi meets up with a senior US delegation

  2020-01-10 12:32      226 View Count        Comment
A view of the meeting.

Lahur Sheikh Jangi, head of Zanyari and Parastin Agency of Kurdistan Region, welcomed a senior US delegation, discussing the political and security situation in Iraq and Kurdistan Region. Both sides agreed to give improtance to the interior Kurdish home's unity.

The delegation included David Schanker, US assistant secretary of state for ME affairs, and Steven Fagin, the US consul general in Kurdistan Region.

They talked over the importance of presence of coalition forces in Iraq, and both sides reiterated that remaining of the forces have its own prestige and importance in defeating the regional threats and establishing regional stability.

Regarding the continuation of destroying ISIS attacks and preventing those terrorist groups from being strong, which pose threat on the stability of the region and world, constant cooperation and co-working were regarded as the best response to smash the terrorist's agenda.

The delegation congratulated the ending of the 4th PUK congress, clarifying PUK has its position and role which can not be underestimated.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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