PUK condemns ISIS offensive on Dibis district, calls on Iraqi govt to take measures

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PUK Leadership Council

PUK Leadership Council condemns terrorist attack on Dibis district of Kirkuk province in a statement, in which four people died and two injured.

The PUK Leadership Council sends its condolence to the family of the martyrs and wishes for quick recovery of the wounded.  The council calls on for normalization of Kirkuk province and filling of the vacuum created due to the absence of Peshmarga forces in the region which has posed major threat on the life of people.

The statement added “The federal government shall take its legal and national measures toward the citizenship of those areas, which was created by the ineffectiveness of the provincial government and its inability to adapt with the pluralism of the city”

“Legal and real measures should be taken for an agreement with Pershmarga as part of Iraq’s security and military unity” the Statement highlighted.

The statement also pointed out, “Cooperation of Iraqi government, which is now busy with Baghdad’s situation, with Kurdistan Regional Peshmarga is the best resolution to prevent trespassing of terrorists.”

ISIS terrorist launched an offensive on Chakhmach village of Dibis district in Kirkuk province on Tuesday Feb 18.

Translated and modified by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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