Slemani halts Friday prayers following first death due to Corona virus

  2020-03-04 14:11      923 View Count        Comment

The Islamic Religious Scholars Union and the Supreme Committee for Issuing Fatwas in Kurdistan Region decided on Wednesday to add the phrase "pray in your homes" in call of prayer in mosques, while stopping congregational prayer until further notice, as well as the Friday prayer ceremony temporarily.

Member of the Union of Islamic Religious Scholars and Al- Alia Committee for Issuing Fatwas in Slemani Governorate, Ahmed Al-Shafi’i said during a press conference held with the Governor of Slemani Haval Abu Bakr today, that the necessary measures should be taken to ward off the dangers of the spread of this dangerous virus and as a result we decided the following: Stop congregational prayers and Friday prayers in mosques in Slemani governorate until further notice.

He clarified that raising the call to prayer in the mosques will continue, but immediately after the call to prayer, the muezzin should say the phrase "pray in your homes" with no other person present inside the mosques, stressing that it was also decided to temporarily stop the upcoming Friday prayer ceremonies, and this decision is related to Slemani, its districts and sub-districts.


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