About 90% of people infected with Corona virus have recovered in China

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The latest statistics of the Chinese government health authority confirmed that 90% of people infected with Corona virus have recovered, and only 5,120 patients remain in hospitals for treatment.

The government commission said that it recorded a decrease in the number of infected people every day, noting that among the 81093 people confirmed to have contracted Corona virus, 72,702 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

The commission said that without counting the numbers of people infected in Hubei Province, 13293 people were infected with Corona virus in the rest of the other regions, 117 of whom died, meaning that the death rate outside Wuhan represented 0.88%.

In Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak of Corona virus, 67,800 people were infected, 3,315 died, and the death rate in this province was 4.65%.

It is worth noting that in recent days, the Chinese authorities have not reported any new infections with Corona virus in Wuhan, the center of Hubei Province.

Source: Shafaq News


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