Iraq summons the Turkish ambassador and send him a protest note

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The Iraqi Foreign Minister summoned on Thursday the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad and deliver him a memorandum of protest after a Turkish plane violated Iraqi airspace and shelled a Kurdish refugee camp from Turkey, under the pretext of the presence of PKK elements.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf said in a statement, that the ministry condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack carried out by the Turkish side, which resulted in loss of life and property.

He added that the Foreign Minister directs to summon the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad and hand him a protest note.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell had reported earlier that Makhmour refugee camp had been bombed by Turkish air force.

The cell reported that the Air Defense Command detected a violation of Iraqi airspace on Wednesday, by a Turkish armed drone with a flight line (Sindhi - Soara - Tuka - Al -Qosh - North Makhmour) at a height of 6 km and a speed of 200 km / hour.

The cell added that the drone shelled a camp for Kurdish refugee families from Turkey near Makhmour city, which was bombed by a missile, as two women were killed in this camp.

Makhmour camp is located 65 kilometers south of the city center of Erbil, at the foot of the strategic mountain of Karabakh.

Source: Shafaq News


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