Kurdistan financial dues must be launched , parliament calls Baghdad

  2020-04-24 16:03      337 View Count        Comment

The Deputy of Iraqi Parliament speaker ,Basheer Al-Haddad, called on the Iraqi government on Thursday to launch the financial dues of Kurdistan and to not risk the citizens ’ source of income.

This came in a request addressed to the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Counci

The laws in action requires deducting the damage amount from applying Act (10/second/ c) of the budget law and send the remaining amount to Kurdistan’s account

He added “ deducting some amounts should not effect releasing the rest of the amounts , as it violates the law provisions

Al-Haddad demanded to approach the Ministry of Finance to release the financial sums of Kurdistan and not to stop funding for it endangers the income of citizens , violates the law as well as harms national unity and the people of the country.

Source: Shafaq News



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