KRG President and PM extend a congratulatory letter to PUK

  2020-06-01 10:55      91 View Count        Comment

On the occasion of 45th foundation anniversary of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Kurdistan Regional President and PM Masrour Barzani congratulated PUK.

In his letter, Barzani congratulated the leadership, members and supporters of PUK.

He also highlighted, "PUK is a major and vital partner in the Kurdistan Regional Government,"

On the other hand, Kurdistan Regional President also extended his congratulatory letter to the leadership and members of the party.

"The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is an important part of Kurdistan Liberation Movement, alongside KDP and other parties, was a main contributor in the achievements, political process, building the Kurdistan Regional institutions and implementing the rights of Kurdish people in the Iraqi constitution." Barzani asserted.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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