PUK pledges to continue on Mam Jalal's path

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The Leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan congratulates the people of Kurdistan Region on the 45th foundation anniversary of the party, pledging to continue on the Mam Jalal's stance so as to achieve more rights for the Kurdish society.

"On the occasion of the 45th foundation anniversary of PUK and the 44th anniversary of the new revolution, we send our warmest congratulations to the masses of the people of Kurdistan, and we pay homage and respect to our martyrs who gave their lives to achieve the rights of our people for freedom, peace and self-determination. We reiterate that we continue to work with the same spirit of the nation's President Mam Jalal," The letter pointed out.

The letter added, "PUK works by taking advantage from the intellectual, institutional and social democratic institutions in order to solve the problems in the Kurdistan Region, reformulate the constitution in the Kurdistan Region, modify the electoral law, activate the government, and implement administrative and financial decentralization of Kurdistan. We work on the ground of common interests with neighboring countries and the region, strengthening ties, and expanding relations with developed countries, to preserve the rights of our people."

Regarding the PUK's relation with Iraqi parties, "We work with the Iraqi political forces and parties to agree in the political process, but we will not compromise on the rights and gains of our people. PUK stresses on its continuation to protect the entity of the Kurdistan Region and the protection of the constitutional rights of our people and its right to administer Kirkuk and the disputed areas according to Article 140 of the Constitution, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is also striving to make sure that these Kurdish regions are annexed again with Kurdistan. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan insists and supports the success of discussions between the region and Baghdad over salaries and the budget of the Kurdistan Region and the determination on the fate of our regions, borders and powers according to the constitution."

The message also highlighted, "We insist on the importance of unity within PUK and we reiterate PUK is for everyone, and we fight for the unity of the row between the political forces and the masses of the people of Kurdistan."

About wether PUK will hold and perform any gathering for its foundation anniversary, "We emphasize on the neccesity of sticking to the health and preventive measures so as to hamper more outbreak of the coronavirus, and thus no celebrations or mass gatherings will be held to celebrate the occasion." The leadership asserted.


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