Kurdistan Region reimposes nation-wide curfew to curb coronavirus

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Kurdistan Region reimposes nation-wide curfew for 6 days to curb novel coronavirus.

In a statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the strict lock down will be applied within and between the cities and provincies of Kurdistan Region and, with other cities of Iraq. The new curfew will come into practice at 6:00 PM of 1\6/2020 until 12:00 AM of 6/6/2020.

Vehicles and even pedestrians are not allwed go out, if they do so they will face penalty, according to the decree.

Police cars and ambulances with the journlists and those who are working at Media and TV are permitted to move. Airports and border crossings will still be closed.

According to the statement, shops, mosuqes, malls, cafes and centers all will be closed apart from pharmacies, and the bakeries will be opened only from 6 am till 12 PM and people have to request breads via delivery.

The official working hours are suspended in all government departments and institutions in the Kurdistan Region, except for the work of the ministers and their offices, the statement read.

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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