Kurdistan Region: coronavirus cases increase dramatically

  2020-06-03 08:53      44 View Count        Comment

Health ministry of Kurdistan Region announced 33 new infections of COVID-19, in a statement.

Accoring to the statement, the patients were all citizens of Duhok, and were 12 men, 15 women and 6 children.

"They have all been infected via participating at a food ceremony," the statemnt read.

The health ministry had issued a statement earlier, reporting 35 new cases of coronavirus in Slemani, in which 29 of them were citizens of the city and the rest were living at the outskirt.

At the same time, the health director of Slemani governorate Dr. Sabah Hawrami announced the death of 4 COVID-19 infectees yesterday's night.

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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