PUK leadership accuses Iraqi govt for being unable to protect people's life

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The leadership of PUK issued a statement about the repeated terrorist attack on Khanaqin province, accusing the Iraqi government for not being able to protect the area properly.

Below is the context of the statement:

Unfortunately, yesterday night, Jun 13, 2020 once again the terrorists attacked the holy land of Kurdistan and as a result of that terrorist attack on Dara village in Khanaqin province, 6 people from the Kaka'ie died and 5 injured.

As the leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan we share our misery and send our condolensce to the family of the martyrs and hope for quick recovery of the wounded. And we strongly condemn this terrorist assault and all the other unwanted attacks that have recently targeted that border of Kurdistan and harassed people of the region.

We are sorrowful about the repeated terrorist and political attacks for many times, and we accuse the decision-makers and affiliated bodies in the federal government for being unable to protect people's life in those areas and has not been capable of practising their duties properly in terms of providing security and protecting the area.

In this abnormal situation, the only solution to provide security and confront the terrorists is to take advantage from and cooperate with the Kurdistan's Peshmarga for preserving the life and livelihood of the authentic people of the region.

To put an end to the terrorist attacks and this undesirable and forcibly applied situation that has made the security matter of the Kurdish areas a political case and held the life and livelihood of people as hostage, cooperation between Iraqi and Peshmarga forces for ruling the security file of all those region should start as soon as possible. However, in case of ousting the capable forces of Kurdistan Region in mutuallly protecting the area and recurrence of any terrorist assault against the prestigous Kurdish people, we will hold the Iraqi government
responsible and will not stay silent.

Concerning this fragile topic, which encompasses the remaining of our nation, prtection of life, honor, freedom of thinking and the future of Kurdistan, today a PUK delegation will visit Baghdad so as to convey the concern of PUK and people of the region to the concerned figures in Baghdad and will also introduce a solution.
May God bless the family of the martyrs and injured.

Leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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